Oil filter

1.Anti-drain valve preventing oil draining back out of the filter through the inlet inlet holes valve ensures protection of the engine against oil starvation
3.Strong internal components such as springs and element assemblies
4.heat tolerant seals and o-rings

Fuel filter

highest quality materials and components
Extensive quality control testing procedures

Air filter

1.Polyurethane sealing to withstand high temperatures and resist shrinkage and deformation of the filter
2.Expanded outer screen cages to ensure maximum support and rigidity
3.Anti-backfire screens virtually eliminate the chance of engine fire
4.Variety of filtering media to suit a wide variety of conditions such as low/high temperatures and humidity

Cabin filter

Cosun-filter can provide clean air in your car and has an extensive range of pollen and activated carbon filters that improve the quality of the environment within your vehicle. Offers protection for allergy sufferers and provides a cleaner, more hygienic passenger cabin


Oil Filter
Fuel Filter
Air Filter
Cabin Filter


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